05.09.2017 Build

Lynne 5 Rounds for Max Reps of: Bodyweight Bench Press Pull-ups Make sure you are thinking about your technique as well as your breathing. This is a strength training workout, so DO NOT view it as a workout for time…. Read more »

05.02.2017 Build

Weightlifting Snatch Complex (Build to Heavy Single Complex) 1 – Snatch High Pull 1 – Hang Power Snatch 1- Drop Snatch 1 – Overhead Squat 1 – Full Snatch Make sure to focus your attention on technique as well as… Read more »

04.25.2017 Build

Weightlifting Back Squat (5×5 @ 90%) Weightlifting Bench Press (5×5 @ 90%) Weightlifting Deadlift (1×5 @ 90%)

04.11.2017 Build

Weightlifting Back Squat (Est 5RM) Bench Press (Est 5RM) Power Clean (3×5) Not TnG. Work to a weight where each rep can be executed with solid technique.